Ladenur Investment


We hope to serve as a nurturing growing which discovers and nurture talent, creativity and innovating thinking from a tender age, providing necessary guidance and support for selected candidate to blossom fully into their full potential, in an environment created and equipped to inspire creativity and free willing thinking. We also strive to create intellectual bonds amongst professionals in an environment that promotes innovation and forward thinking.


  • To be a strong diving force in the talent, creativity and intellectual property market that seeks to transform and drive our world into the new horizon. We focus on a methodology for innovative growth and also a medium of securing patent rights, royalties, and all legal binding agreements that entail in this process.
  • To create a gathering of intellectuals who daily strive to bring new projects into existence and solve immediate problems with new and innovative ways.

Our Program Is Divided Into The Following

  • Cynergy Program
  • Project Picaso
  • Project Einstiene
  • Tork Tailoring Company
  • Gamer C3 Entertainment
  • Ladenur Stores
  • Farm for Africa(FFA)
  • Artisians Hub